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Discover where your food comes from on an agritourism trip

It’s strange that agritourism isn’t a bigger industry in Alberta, given the huge number and variety of farms here. For those unfamiliar, “agritourism” refers to agricultural tourism, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: promoting farms and other agricultural operations […]

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Cool off with retro cocktails

Drinks go through phrases, just like fashion and music, and a whole subsection of cocktails from previous generations have fallen vastly out of favour. But our parents and grandparents drank this stuff for a reason: it’s delicious. Appearances be damned: […]

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How does your (herb) garden grow?

We’ve all got bottles and jars of various dried herbs lurking in our pantries, but fresh herbs are totally different animals than their dried forms. It’s easy to default to a few quick shakes of dried herbs when making a […]

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You say wheat beer, I say Weizen

Wheat beers are made for summer. Soft and refreshing with a slightly tangy finish, they scream for a sunny patio. But not all wheat beers are created equally, and there’s a wheat beer style for (almost) every palate. The first […]

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Ice-cream trucks deliver the (frozen) goods

It doesn’t really matter what you’re doing when you hear it: you still feel the pull. Your knees unlock, the door suddenly gains immense gravity, your mind panics about whether or not you have cash; all in all, it’s one […]

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Day 10: the final countdown!

This morning, day 10 of our picnic adventure, our youngest child toddled over to the picnic basket, picked it up and said, “Doh.” His word for “door” is his way of telling us he wants to go outside. But this […]

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