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Hide and/or Seek – Relive your tag days with Manhunt

‘Last week was really great—I ran until I felt like I could die,” Adam Waldron-Blain enthuses. “That’s all I could ask for.” All he could also for, and something he continues to request of himself: running either to escape or […]

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Outdoors Insider – Churchill Square Summer Programming / Daily

When there aren’t festivals going on in Churchill Square, the City of Edmonton, in partnership with the Edmonton Arts Council, offers free programs including fitness classes (zumba, yoga), music entertainment from DJ Creeasian, MC battles, art shows and more. All […]

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Exploring Edmonton’s Fountains – charting a path through our city’s waterscapes

They may not be Trevi Fountains or Bellagio jets, but Edmonton’s fountains are brief and fleeting joys in our winter city. While the swiftly flowing North Saskatchewan River is the jewel in Edmonton’s crown, its waters flow just as beautifully […]

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Everybody do the dinosaur: Alberta’s fossil-rich history means tons of dino-related places to go

Look, just because the last two Jurassic Park movies were both totally bunk shouldn’t mean your feelings about dinosaurs have fallen to match. Especially given that Alberta is such a fossil-rich place—considered  right up there with the Gobi Desert in […]

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Drive to some of Alberta’s creepiest destinations

Halloween is five months away, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to go on a haunted ghost tour. Most ghost tours are relegated to the city limits and/or season. A DIY ghost-tour road trip allows you […]

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Discover where your food comes from on an agritourism trip

It’s strange that agritourism isn’t a bigger industry in Alberta, given the huge number and variety of farms here. For those unfamiliar, “agritourism” refers to agricultural tourism, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: promoting farms and other agricultural operations […]

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